Believe the Hype for the All-In-One Hanacure Facial

If you’ve been on Instagram lately or follow K-Beauty products…you’ve most likely come across the All-in-One Hanacure Facial.  Celebrities, Instagrammers, Bloggers, Vloggers and everyone and their Mothers are trying out this Insta-perfect facial mask coming from the epicenter of  cutting-edge beauty products…South Korea.  One visit to their site comparing before and after pics will make you a believer…or at least for me, an impulsive consumer.

The packaging of this product is reminiscent of an Apple product, very sleek and modern. Inside, you will find a small vile of Lifting Serum which you will mix with the Gelling Solution and apply onto your face with the included Hanacure brush.  The directions are clear and simple.

Once you’ve applied the gel evenly to your face, neck and hands, you will begin to feel an intense tightening sensation.  Make sure you RELAX and MINIMIZE facial movement to maximize the effectiveness of the mask.  The mask fuses with the carbon dioxide in the air resulting in the intense pulling effect.  I used this 30 minutes to meditate and imagine all my blackheads being extracted at once.  I love skin care products that I can “feel” working and Hanacure definitely accomplishes this.

Before washing the mask off with warm water, I had to snap a picture to remind myself of the importance of taking care of my skin today for tomorrow. I hope this picture is not an accurate prediction of what I will look or feel like in 30 years.


After the mask, my face felt amazing. I was a bit red, but that subsided quickly.  My pores appeared nonexistent.  My complexion was much more even and my face was as smooth as a babies booty.  I’m extremely happy with the results.  Hanacure recommends using this product twice a week until the desired results are achieved.  For me, I can see myself using this product before special occasions when I need my skin to look its best.  Believe the Hanacure hype…your blackheads want out and your wrinkles need smoothing.  The Hanacure Facial is a must try so believe the hype!

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    1. Thank you! That’s the nicest compliment ever. In reality, I have good skin days and bad skin days.
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